Privacy Policy / Terms of Service

These Terms and Conditions (referred to as “T&C”) have been compiled by TURBO TEXT INC (referred to as TURBO TEXT) for you (referred to as Subscriber, Client or Customer) for purposes of understanding all the terms and conditions that you will need to agree to in order to constitute an agreement (referred to as “Agreement”) between you and TURBO TEXT, by you purchasing services from TURBO TEXT, you will have acknowledged, agreed and accepted all of the terms and conditions contained herein and shall govern any use of services offered by TURBO TEXT. We upon posting on our website at (referred to as ”Website”) have the right to modify and/or change any of the terms and conditions that shall become effective and binding at that time including without limitation fees and charges.

Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy has been created to inform Subscribers with how TURBO TEXT uses and collects Personal information (referred to as “PI”). PI is information of the Subscriber and information of whoever the Subscriber sends messages to, that can be used to identify a single person, phone number or any other information submitted on the service. We consider the privacy of our Subscribers to be a top priority. We do not sell or trade your PI with any other persons or businesses. When a Subscriber orders a service from TURBO TEXT, we must collect certain Pl in order to register you as a Subscriber and activate your account, such as name, address, email, phone number, billing info, our website user name and password and other info to enhance your experience with our services. We use this PI to better serve you the customer, administer customer service, process your order, auto bill, send periodic emails/texts regarding your Subscription or other products/services from affiliates or for related services, and to otherwise provide the best service to our Subscribers. We would only disclose PI in the event a non affiliated third party, such as a government agency, has a valid court order that compels us to turn over your PI, The Subscriber has the responsibility to notify any user of this service, including all persons messages are sent to their phones, this Privacy Policy and their Pl submitted on this service will be subject to this Privacy Policy.


Subscriber will be granted non transferable, revocable rights from TURBO TEXT, for the non commercial use of services provided by TURBO TEXT, All services provided by TURBO TEXT will be posted on the Website and are subject to change by the posting of new services on the Website. TURBO TEXT may add or update features to services without prior notice, by posting new features on the Website, which will be subject to these T&C’s. For the text service, TURBO TEXT will issue a unique dedicated phone number and email address to the Subscriber, however the phone number is subject to change in the event TURBO TEXT needs to change it for technical purposes, change of vendor or otherwise. This phone number and email address provided to the Subscriber are not owned by the Subscriber because Subscriber has paid for the service, rather the number and email is being leased by the Subscriber on a month to month basis during the term of this Agreement and cannot be transferred or ported. An email address created by TURBO TEXT will be given to you in order to start the services. You will be required to give that email address to the user of the service, so they can enter into their Corrlinks account. TURBO TEXT will maintain ownership and control over email account, but allow the Subscriber to use it during the term of this Agreement. Subscriber agrees that there may be uncontrolled delay or interruptions in the service that are due to user’s facility and/or TURBO TEXT’s internal system that may occur that TURBO TEXT is not responsible for. Periodic service outages are standard for any telecommunication type business and may happen from time to times TURBO TEXT will do everything it can to prevent delays in service. For the local number service, TURBO TEXT will issue the local numbers purchased to the Subscriber. These local number are subject to be changed to different usable local numbers. It may take up to two weeks for TURBO TEXT to generate local numbers for that location and send to Subscriber. It will be the Subscriber’s responsibility to provide the user with these local numbers. Subscriber can only change the phone number the local number is attached to one time without any fees. A fee of $1.99 will take effect after one change TURBO TEXT only updates local numbers and the numbers they attach to once a week, so there may be a delay of a few days up to a week if a change is requested. lf the user changes location and needs to update the local numbers to correspond with his/her new location, TURBO TEXT will provide new local numbers to Subscriber if TURBO TEXT has local numbers for that location. lf TURBO TEXT does not have local numbers for that new location, TURBO TEXT will stop any further billing of Subscriber for this service until the local numbers are generated, and if TURBO TEXT cannot provide local numbers to the new location TURBO TEXT will put the account on hold and stop billing. Subscriber may not give more than one user access to their purchase of local numbers These local numbers are to be used by only one user, and will be limited to a total of 300 mins of phone time per month assigned to them as a collective. If Subscriber or user gives another person use of the local numbers, those minutes of talk time will be deducted from the Subscriber’s 300 mins and will give the user less than 300 mins of talk time. Subscriber agrees that he fully understands how to use the service and if there are any questions to email TURBO TEXT‘s customer service via the Website. Subscriber agrees to not use or let others use this service for any inappropriate or unlawful purposes, or TURBO TEXT at its sole discretion, may suspend or cancel Subscriber’s accounts TURBO TEXT is not responsible for any communication content of Subscriber and users of the service.


The term of this Agreement (referred to as “Term” or “Billing Cycle”) shall commence on the day services are purchased by Subscriber, and continue on a reoccurring month to month basis, as long as Subscriber continues to maintain an active account for as many months as service is available by TURBO TEXT, or until Subscriber cancels account. The monthly fee for service shall be paid monthly, on the same day the initial payment was rendered to open account. However, If Subscriber purchased service on the 29th—31st of any month, the next billing cycle will be changed to the 28th of each following month, to account for the months that have only 28 days. The Subscriber agrees to be automatically billed each month and authorises his/her credit or debit card to be charged to pay for service each month on a monthly basis, until Subscriber cancels this Agreement. The amount to be billed is the current amount posted on the TURBO TEXT’s website. This monthly rate is subject to change upon 15 days notice of TURBO TEXT posting new rate on the Website Such rates may change time to time and will be effective once the new rate is posted on Website. The Subscriber may cancel this Agreement at any time by emailing TURBO TEXT with its intent to cancel Agreement. if Subscriber is in the middle of a billing cycle when they cancel, there will be no reimbursements for the remaining days left in that cycle.

Also, there is a cancellation fee of $499. Only the Subscriber can cancel the account. lf Subscriber’s credit or debit card decline, TURBO TEXT will charge a late fee of $4.99 and re run the transaction on the same card if the funds are available, or the Subscriber will be required to log onto the Website and re enter new credit or debit card info to be charged. The Subscriber will have 3 days to cancel this Agreement from the initial purchase to receive a full refund, minus all expenses that TURBO TEXT has incurred on behalf of Subscriber’s account, There will be no other refunds. The monthly service fee will be charged on an up front/prepaid basis when account is created. The monthly fee will be for the monthly period starting that day to the same day next month. TURBO TEXT will suspend Subscriber’s account if their credit or debit card decline, until the time Subscriber’s card can be possessed successfully and pays late fees and other charges. Subscriber will have up to a 3 day grace period if card declines before account is suspended. During this period TURBO TEXT will give Subscriber and user notice of the declined cards After 30 consecutive days of non payment by Subscriber, TURBO TEXT will close the account. Subscriber will still be responsible to pay the declined transaction amount plus any other charges even if account is closed. TURBO TEXT maintains the right to cancel the Term of this Agreement at any time at its own discretion, with or without cause, and will refund Subscriber with any unused time for that billing cycle by prorating the amount of days used and remaining. The Subscriber is the account holder. This is the only person who is registered on the TURBO TEXT website and is the person who paid for the service. The Subscriber agrees to give TURBO TEXT permission to correspond with the user of the service regarding any account issues.


TURBO TEXT shall effect notice for any modification to the T&C‘s by posting such modification on its website. TURBO TEXT shall notice Subscriber of any other purpose by emailing Subscriber at the email address Subscriber entered when signing up for the services Subscriber shall effect notice to TURBO TEXT by sending TURBO TEXT an email on the Website. if any dispute arises out of this Agreement the aggrieved party shall send notice to the other party and give a 30 day cure period to correct any alleged dispute before commencing any legal action.


Any and all disputes resulting from this Agreement shall be subject to the laws of Florida and take place in Palm Beach County Circuit/County Court.


Each term and condition of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect if any other term or condition of this Agreement becomes unenforceable in any way.

Entire Agreement.

The terms and conditions of this Agreement, including any and all future modifications/changes, constitute the entire Agreement between you and TURBO TEXT.